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My friend and fellow camera enthusiast Ron Herron has published his first novel, Reichold Street, which “introduces a group of young, urban friends in the 1960s, and follows them from youthful neighborhood intrigue to family dysfunction, murder, suicide and madness. It explores the relationships that unite, divide and sustain these young friends, and their families, all the way to the searing tragedy and redemption of war.” The book is available in both print and ebook formats. I look forward to reading it.

I’ve been exploring the artistic/interpretive side of photography for the last while. In particular I’m using iPhone apps to create special effects and abstracts, as seen in my Abstracts set on Flickr. Standard photography has been in hiatus while I await the delivery of an Olympus OM-D, which should happen in the next week or two. Sometimes I need a new piece of gear to whet my appetite for photography.

I’ve been working on some essays for a collection I hope to pull together in the next year or so. My current essay has the tentative title, “On Becoming a Squirrel Whisperer.” I confess that work has been proceeding slowly, partly due to spending so much time reading on the Internet each day. It’s challenging to keep up with the science and technology stories that interest me. One aid is my Sci/Tech Daily Twitter newspaper that is issued twice a day.

For some odd reason I’ve been out of touch with my musical side. I never listen to music while I’m working or reading, and it’s been months since I took one of my instruments out of the closet. I’m hoping this is not some kind of brain problem caused by aging or the use of antidepressants. One positive sign is that I took out my six-string a couple of nights ago and enjoyed trying out some new (to me) songs. I’m hoping my interest in music will return.

Healthwise, not much to complain about. My ticker seems to be doing fine and aside from broken sleep patterns and a somewhat gimpy hip, both signs of aging, I’ve been feeling healthy. We’ve been enjoying a fine spring in Ontario and it’s a pleasure to go for walks.

One correction: in my posting, The Problem with Streaming Video, I complained about the lack of subtitles or captions. I’ve since discovered that Netflix has English subtitles for many of its videos. Getting captioning to display on the Apple TV is not intuitive, so here’s how to do it: Got to Settings, Audio & Video, Closed Captioning. Click it on and enjoy.

Latest tech acquisition: an iPad 3. A very satisfying purchase.

8 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Gene, I think we all are suffering from a “tsunami of too much” hitting us as we sit in front of a screen hooked to the internet. It may be time to disengage. I know when I’m away I hardly miss it. Yet if it’s available I seem to immediately want to check what’s online.

    Summer’s coming and my ‘scoped’ knee will be feeling better for warm temps. Outdoor activity is going to be pushed to the top of my agenda and indoors will have to wait for a while based on priority.

    Keep playing the guitar, writing, photographing… you’re doing fine!
    Perhaps another late breakfast some time soon.

    cheers, Jan

  2. Jan, I think you’re right about both about the information overload and the addictiveness of the Internet.

    I like your summer agenda. For sure let’s tee up a late breakfast.


  3. I agree with Jan … there is a tsunami of information. The trick is self-awareness and some discipline.

    As you await the OM-D, I am awaiting the Chamonix; I just wrote placed the order yesterday, and my Toyo and tripod sold. Now I need a new tripod. Then I will be set for summer projects outdoors … stay tuned for (possibly) South Wedge part deux!

  4. Wonder if you ever read it, Gene? If so, I wonder where the review is? Even if it’s panned, I appreciate knowing what people think. I’m too old, set in my ways and cantankerous to be offended by much. 😉

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