MacBook Air

MacBook Air

Having sold my fine Dell Mini 10v Hackintosh and given my iPad to my wife, I was ready and primed to order an 11-inch MacBook Air computer. It’s the one I’ve been waiting for: a Mac netbook. I ordered one from the Apple Store.

It arrived late afternoon, New Year’s Eve, and I spent the evening customizing the setup and adding programs. I loaded OpenOffice, MacTeX, LyX, X Code, TextWrangler, and WriteRoom. As on all my systems, I loaded Firefox and used Xmarks to sync all my bookmarks and logins.

On a whim I downloaded Google Chrome to try. It ended up staying on the system. It’s so quick and perky I find I’m enjoying it after the decidedly pedestrian speeds of Firefox. Why not use Safari? I just can’t work up any love for Safari. I don’t know why, but I never get a good vibe from it when I’m using it. Probably something in my genes.

So, how do I like the Air? All I can say is, WOW!!

Well, that’s not really all I could say or I wouldn’t still be writing. I like the size and weight, the screen is excellent, and my fingers love the keyboard. It’s a writer’s machine if there ever was one.

The past week I’ve put it through its paces doing some heavy editing on the minibook I’m nearly ready to self publish. For this project I had to add Office 2008 for Mac so I could have access to Word. It’s a requirement at Smashwords. My fingers were flying over the keyboard all week, busy with this project, writing in my journal, and sending emails to friends.

The more I use the MacBook Air, the better I like it, and I liked it right out of the box. So far I can’t find anything to fault. Other than when using finger gestures on the touchpad there’s a slight lag between when I push it to increase the size of fonts and when the fonts show up resized. Other computers should have this problem.

I’ve been using laptop writing devices since picking up my first Tandy Radio Shack Model 100 in 1983 (and which cost more, at the time, than my MacBook Air) and this is easily the best one I’ve yet acquired.

Salut, Apple!

8 thoughts on “MacBook Air

  1. One of my few complaints with Mac OSX is that the find results window doesn’t show file size. I read about some work arounds or patches, but I haven’t explored them. But especially when jumping back and forth between Mac and Windows, Mac is a pure joy, and Windows a pure schlep.

    BTW, I preformed a screen transplant for my Palm TX (Donor= Palm T3, $10). It still amazes me that I can put the TX in one pocket, and the folding keyboard in another and have a decent typing experience. I’ve seen similar keyboards for the IPod and I Phone, but my TX still fits the bill as a casual typing instrument.

    Gene, enjoy the new Mac!

  2. bg, thanks for the comments! Yes, I can see how not showing file size could be a problem in some cases. In general, though, I’m like you — I find the Mac a pure joy to use.


  3. Congratulations, Gene! You finally made it out of the dark and into the light! 🙂 We ‘mac’ people love it when we see someone discover the beauty of ‘mac’. Of course, there’s probably nothing to support this point of view, other than years of having drag and drop at my fingertips. 🙂

    By the way, if she doesn’t already have one, definitely pick up one of the beautiful little Apple bluetooth-enabled keyboards to use with the iPad. The keyboard is svelt… I’m sure someone has now made a case that’ll hold both the iPad and the keyboard. The keyboard dramatically increases the pleasure of using the ipad for anything requiring text entry.

    Always fun to read about your tech adventures… thanks for posting them.

  4. Thanks Jamie,

    I’m actually a year into my Mac fandom. My Macbook Pro 15″ is just over one year old, and I still love it. I like the bigger screen for photography.

    I agree with you about the Apple Keyboard. I picked one up for the iPad and it’s a great keyboard.

    For lots of writing, though, this little Macbook Air is simply a delight.


  5. Hi, there. I own a Hackintoshed 10v, and while it works great most of the time, it is a little clunky and the trackpad is notoriously bad. Not so bad that I feel like I *need* to buy an expensive Macbook Air, but that doesn’t stop me from lusting after one. Having used both, could you comment on just how different a user experience it is? What made it worth the upgrade for you?

  6. Thomas, I enjoyed my Hackintoshed 10v despite the few glitches you mention. And for most things it’s a bona fide Mac. Having said that, the Air is a different machine. Smooooooth. And a wonderful screen. I love my Mac Air, but you have to have some reason to justify the difference in price. Sometimes the reason is simply, “I want one” 🙂

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