Autumn Weather


Autumn is the start of the photo season for me. I’ve never liked shooting in summer because of the generally hard light. This summer was too hot to enjoy being outdoors much anyway, so I spent more time writing.

But, as this view of the harbor shows, the autumn weather is returning, and that generally means more interesting light combined with good cloud covers. The kind of sky I find irresistible.

Autumn also brings Photokina and a bunch of product announcements. The one that grabbed me by the ears this year was the one for the Fuji X100 — a retro rangefinder camera design that even includes shutter speed and aperture dials where Barnicke intended them: on the top and around the lens. It also has an exposure compensation dial on the top, à la Bessa. It’s likely to be too expensive for me to take seriously, but one can drool.

On the writing front I’ve written a short story and am busy with a nonfiction book project. More on that once it nears publication, but I intend to self publish it as an e-book.

In terms of e-book reading, I recently finished Stephen King’s The Shining, and am reading through his short stories in Everything’s Eventual. My current novel is Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake.

My apologies for such a time gap between blog postings. I shall try to update it more frequently.

5 thoughts on “Autumn Weather

  1. Great shot Gene couldn’t agree with you more about summer’s hard light.
    Texas is even more harsh at times. let us know how the I pad is working out for you. I am also with you on drooling over the new fuji finepix X100. Just the kind of camera a old geezer like me likes.

  2. @photographyfree4all. Thanks for looking and for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate the feedback!

    @David. They should give away X100’s to old geezers like us, just for being old geezers, don’t you think?

  3. I had the same response to the Fuji X100. And I agree that it’ll probably be too expensive. But if it gets the attention from well-to-do buyers that I think it will, the other manufacturers are going to notice. 🙂

    Regarding lag time between posts… Each of them are enjoyable and interesting. Well worth ANY wait!

    Enjoy the autumn. We’re still in ‘Indian Summer’ here, when it gets too warm and sunny… just when I’m ready for a cozy fire in the fireplace.

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