“Looking Up”

Birdbath (by StarbuckGuy)

The excellent NaBloPoMo site features a monthly challenge for writing and photography blogs. The May 2010 challenge is Look Up, interpreted any way you wish. Because my photography has lapsed in the last while, due mainly to lack of imagination, I decided to take up the May challenge as a way to jog my seeing.

I don’t shoot upwards much. Being 6′ 1″ I normally have to shoot downward and being nearly 65 I’m not eager to get down on my belly to take shots. As any oldster will tell you, it’s the getting back up that’s difficult.

Fortunately my Panasonic G1 m-4/3 camera has a tilt and swivel display that allows me to use the camera Rolleiflex TLR style, looking down at the viewfinder. I can get down on one knee and place the camera on the ground, then frame and focus. It’s less challenging that a full body crawl.

I’ll post my results here periodically. The top picture in this post is looking up at the birdbath in my backyard. The bottom picture is looking up at a dandelion, from ground position.

Dandelion (by StarbuckGuy)

5 thoughts on ““Looking Up”

  1. Hi Gene, interesting post, as always- thanks. I like the bird bath one especially. I’ve been looking at the pictures of Robert Mapplethorpe lately (people tend to associate him with those horrendous pictures of him doing lewd things to himself, but his flower stuff is really great- very inspiring). Best Wishes, Victoria

  2. Victoria,

    Hey thanks for the note! And also the reference to Robert Mapplethorpe. I’ve not seen his work so, forewarned, I’ll look for his flower photos.


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