Pi Day


Until I saw this beautifully crafted Google logo in my browser, I didn’t know it was Pi Day. In fact, I didn’t know there was a Pi Day. An official holiday in the US.

Evidently it is celebrated on March 14th because the first three numbers of Pi are 3 1 and 4. March 14th also happens to be Einstein’s birthday, so the two are sometimes celebrated together.

Pi, known for centuries as Archimedes Constant, is a critical, irrational constant used in mathematical calculations in geometry, trigonometry, physics, chaos theory, and probably many other subjects.

This was a timely bit of serendipity for me. I’ve lately been enjoying a new Teaching Company course called Chaos, and I’ve commenced a review of Elementary Algebra, both of which I may blog about in the near future.

So let us all celebrate these two coinciding things: pi and Einstein’s birthday!

200px-Pi-symbol (by StarbuckGuy)

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  1. A few years ago I read a small book called “The History of Pi”. It used the history of Pi to shed light on the culture and current events through the ages. Fascinating! From blind, dogmatic adhesion to religeous and institutional “truths” even in the face of mathematic proof, to idiot-savant “human calculators” sought and retained by European royal courts, it was full of surprises and insights into human society.

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