Battlestar Galactica (new series), Season One

Battlestar Galactica is another series I missed when it was current. But with the aid of, Marion and I have been viewing Season One, beginning with the miniseries. We would have finished the season by now but the next-to-last disc arrived cracked and we’re waiting for its replacement. We skipped ahead to the final episode of the season since we had the disc in hand, but an awfully lot of plot happened in the gap.

We’re gripped by what we’ve seen so far. My favourite character, as soon as I saw her, was “Starbuck”, Lt. Kara Thrace, performed by Katee Sackhoff. After the Buffy series, I really love seeing sassy women who are able to kick serious ass. The casting is good throughout and the premise is good SF. I think this reviewer of the Complete Series, (Rob H., Canada), has summed up the series admirably:

This is television with intelligence; television with emotional resonance; and television with soul. It is unfortunate that the name and surface appearance of the subject matter place it squarely in the “geek” domain of science fiction because beneath the outer trappings lies a deeply religious, philosophical and spiritual discussion that can (and should) be enjoyed by everyone. The complete series is beautiful. The visuals, sound, writing, directing and acting are all exemplary and are deserving of being viewed in the highest quality possible.

His only complaint is the high price of the BluRay disc set.

The first two discs of Season Two should arrive next week, along with the Season One replacement disc. I find that after watching an episode or two, I like reading about it on the Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide. Kudos to the folks who assembled this excellent resource!

On the reading front, I picked up a new novel by Canadian SF/F writer Charles de Lint called The Mystery of Grace.  I won’t post any spoilers, but I’ll say if you’re interested in exporing a new take on life after death, this has been a very good read so far. I’m a little over half way and am having trouble putting the book down.

[addendum] Finished reading The Mystery of Grace early this morning and I can recommend it. The plot keeps turning in unexpected directions and there’s a fascinating philosophical/spiritual underpinning to the story. And you’ll love Grace, and her affection for rebuilding classic cars and listening to rockabilly and hot-rod/surfing music. It’s just that she’s in this really weird place and I don’t mean her head.

2 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica (new series), Season One

  1. My wife and I love love love this show! And you can watch it all the way through non-stop now that the series is over. I know you’ll be enthralled in the story.

  2. Matt, we’re totally hooked. This is an amazing story. If it continues to be this good, I’ll consider purchasing the complete set. It’s great to be able to watch three or for episodes at a setting, with no commercial breaks.

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