More Snow

More Snow (by StarbuckGuy)

A few days thaw and break from winter weather served as a tonic for those of us stuck in mid winter, but it never lasts. Today the snow drifted back and the bare sidewalks were dusted in a covering of white powder that made walking a little tricky if, as I was, you were wearing sneakers instead of winter boots.

It caught me a little offguard. I didn’t sleep well last night and was up and about at 4:30am trying to decide whether to go back to bed or read a book until I snoozed off again. But sleep wouldn’t come, so I breakfasted, packed my tote bag with my netbook and digicam, and set off for Starbucks, which opens at 6:30 on weekdays.

It was unusual to walk to Starbucks in the dark. Some of the early regulars were there and I said hi to Lew and Lori and to the barista Ann-Marie.  Finding a table was no trouble. I had my choice of where I wanted to sit, so I grabbed a corner table and set up for some writing.

I’m on deadline this week with an article for Here’s How. Half the interviews are done so I began putting together the pieces, working them into blocks of text that will eventually be  organized and finessed into an article. Two hours of work and I felt good about the progress. It’s moving from the loose chaos of notes and interview answers to an coherent story.

I watched out the window but the sunrise never happened. After a bit of pinkish glow on the horizon the sky greyed over and it started snowing. I hadn’t checked the weather report or I’d have worn my winter boots. Sneakers are so much nicer for walking, when the sidewalks are clear, but suddenly the sidewalks were slippery with a fine dusting of snow.

So, instead of a long walk after my writing session, I shuffled home the short way. Knowing that we have plenty of winter left but not minding so much. The break gave us the pause we needed.

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