Flickr Revisited: Open Source to the Rescue

As you know from my previous posting I am one of Flickr’s dissatisfied customers. Their homepage redesign has left many of us howling. It’s not change we abhor, it’s incompetent change. The Flickr changes were not merely cosmetic (and cluttered), they decreased the usability of the site by screwing up the way most of us checked on comments on our photos, and comments we left on the photos of others.

I was nearly ready to pull the plug on Fickr, which caused me pain because I have many friends and contacts there. But the new interface made me not want to be there.

Then, TA DA! Open-source programming to the rescue. A clever programmer and photographer, Steffen J, wrote a Greasemonkey hack that restored Flickr to the way we we wanted to use it:

Greasemonkey Script: More Activity Links (by Steffen J.)

If you’re a Flickr member and want this functionality, there are three things you must do:

1. Use Firefox

2. Install Greasemonkey

3. Install Steffen’s Greasemonkey script:

The instructions are here:

6 thoughts on “Flickr Revisited: Open Source to the Rescue

  1. Thanks for sharing the tip to this wonderful script Gene! Makes me almost like FLickr again…lol

  2. Excellent. Thanks. I also hated the change on the front page, so much so I stopped visiting that page. This script helps. Many thanks.

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