Ice Formations

Ice Formations

Sometimes photography is about equipment. Other times it’s about the seasons. Once in awhile it’s about art. Today it was about friends.

This morning Richard picked me up at my place and drove us to Starbucks where we met Marty and Dan. We had a great chat over coffee and munchies, then we took a casual stroll around Saddington Park, over to Ben Machree Park and back on the Waterfront Trail beside Lake Ontario.

We took casual shots of ice, geese, ducks, and each other. Plenty of jokes, lots of laughs, and a shared camaraderie as we skidded over icy sidewalks, chatted about our gear, and agreed that Flickr was immensely fun and rewarding.

The day was mild, around the freezing mark, with a trace of snow in the air. Compared to earlier in the week it felt balmy. It was a bit of a surprise how warm and comfy Starbucks felt when we returned there for a warmup java after our walk.

We all parted ways at that point. I walked to the library and picked up one of my holds. I thought about staying there and doing some writing in my journal, but I was a little tired so I walked the rest of the way home. I fell asleep in the afternoon and slept one of those delicious naps you hate to wake up from because you feel so toasty and relaxed under the covers.

Then up to an empty house. Marion is visiting her sisters overnight and Trev and Kirsten went into Toronto overnight. We’ll meet up again tomorrow in Burlington for a family pre-Christmas dinner.

I played the lazy bachelor and made myself a can of Campbell’s Bean with Bacon soup for dinner which I ate while solving easy sudoku puzzles. I had to rub out my answers on three of them and start over before getting them right. I only learned how to do them last week and still make lots of mistakes. I’ll move on to harder ones after another week or so of practice on the easy ones.

Tonight I’ll continue reading book three of the Thursday Next novels: Well of Lost Plots, by Jasper Fforde. It’s a delightfully witty series with off-the-wall humour reminiscent of both Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams.

One thought on “Ice Formations

  1. Yes Gene…this day was completely about friends!

    And what a great time we had together. I think it’s awesome that 4 people can get together and share in the passion we have for photography, and not compete our pictures against each others, but celebrate out results and share the good in them!

    Now..maybe we should get together and try our skills at completing one of these Sudoko Puzzles…I’m not so great at them either…but that’s what friends are for 😉

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