PicoWriMo Results

It’s the end of November and the last day of PicoWriMo, a stripped down version of NaNoWriMo in which each participant set his or her writing goals for the month. My goal was to write and complete two short stories and to write 500 words a day in my journal.

I wrote one story and started another before I became too discouraged with it to finish. I did, however, manage to write 28,459 words in my journal in November and I posted about 10 blog entries during the month. Given that I’d never tried my hand at fiction before, I didn’t do too badly on that side of things and that second story keeps calling to me with suggested changes to make it work better. I intend to work on more fiction writing if I can manage it.

I nearly doubled my goal for my journal and that pleased me very much. By deliberately writing faster than I’ve ever written before I found I was enjoying the experience more and breaking through to more creative material. I was outracing my inner editor.

Nonetheless, I’m glad PicoWriMo is over. While I intend to keep up a good pace of writing, I found myself feeling pressured. A little pressure is normally a good thing, but that’s not necessarily true when you’re also in cardio rehab. I need more downtime and relaxation than usual to allow my body to recover after exercise.

The best part of the PicoWriMo experience was getting into the space of a creative writer, albeit briefly. I’ve picked up a few recommended books on fiction writing, and I’ve listened to many writers discuss their craft on podcasts such as Writers on Writing. I’ve developed enormous respect for those who write and gained some insight into the process.

It’s been a worthwhile experience and it’s given me plenty to ponder in the months ahead. Excuse me now while I sneak off to my favourite reading chair and lean back with a good novel.

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