I started an account on LiveJournal after learning, on the AlphaSmart Writing Tools Flickr group, that there is a picowrimo writing project group here running in parallel to NaNoWriMo but with more modest goals.

The day after Halloween, and I started the day with a cardio stress test that marks the beginning of my cardio rehab program. This is my second time through the program. The nurse who wired me for the stress test today got a chuckle out of my description of myself as a ‘repeat offender’. The test went well enough. I predicted that I would have some chest pains when we reached the peak of the test, to keep them from being alarmed, and that it was okay. Sure enough, it showed up on the cardiogram just as I predicted, at the point I predicted. No big deal. I have blockage in a minor artery (results from my last angiogram) that are in no way life threatening and will likely recede as my conditioning improves.

I stopped by a new Starbucks today, at the corner of Hurontario and Harborn, where the hospital shuttle bus left me off so I could catch a city bus the rest of the way home. I’ve passed by it many times and wanted to try it out. It’s strategically placed at a major Mississauga traffic intersection and proved to be a very busy Starbucks. There were plenty of seats inside, so I took out my Neo and typed into my journal.

I’m working on a short story but didn’t want to work on it this morning. I’m about to start writing a new scene, and I’d like my head to be a little clearer before I start. Man, I never knew fiction writing was going to be such hard work.

Now that the stress test is over I can indulge in caffeine again. I had a Grande Bold at Starbucks. Now that I’m home I’ll brew a nice pot of green tea.

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