Gene Wilburn


Gene Wilburn: Bio

Gene earned a BA and MA in English from Arizona State University and an MLS in Library Science from the University of Toronto. During his professional career he has been a teacher, lexicographer's assistant, librarian, systems analyst, programmer, Internet infrastructure specialist, computer consultant, and public speaker. He retired from corporate IT work in 2005 and now focuses primarily on writing and photography.

Gene published his first magazine article in 1969 and has since written over 200 articles, columns, and reviews on computing technology and photography. He was a contributing author for two SAMS books on Linux and he compiled two editions of a buying guide to Canadian Folk Music. More recently he has concentrated on personal essays and blogging.

A photographer since age 12, Gene enjoys the creative, aesthetic aspects of the craft. For decades he shot with film cameras including Rolleiflex, Pentax, Nikon, Leica, and Bessa. Today he uses digital cameras and does his processing in Photoshop.

Gene plays guitar and sings folk music and was a member of the Ontario folk trio Olde Spyce.

Gene can be reached at